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Wandering leave an indelible mark on the soul

May 28, 2021
Sonic Haven, 2021 -  Vagabond

The title composite starts the musical history of the Sonic Haven - Vagabond album inspired by the unity of music and vocals in a single musical stream, crowned with keyboards artistry. Keyboards passes in futuristic perception overlook the forefront in joining, anticipating the development of the musical essence of the Back to Mad composition. The Nightmares immediately explodes by the drum, continuing with the unity of the melody and the drive in the sound, sometimes the pace of the sake of vocals reflections.
The symphonic appeals of the ancient fairy tales bring the epic echoes of the heroic tales of distant antiquity into the sound of the Keep the Flame Alive song. The End of the World continues such a style speeding up the pace in a music whirlwind around vocal phrases, saving melodious charm. The Darker Side thrust mid-tempo march with notes of progressive rhythm sections continues the sound of an album with impressive thoughtfulness.
By discarding the stuffing notes and motifs, the I Believe rapidly flies in inspired music flight. The Save the Best for Last fascinating ballad dispels the alarm of the encouraging unity of music and vocals. The drumroll combines melodism and drive, anticipating the ascension of vocals phrases on the crest of the wave of the Blind the Enemy musical sea.
Epic folklore sheds are combined with musical variations of an inspirational mood in the sounding of the From White to Black song. Vocals phrases set the mood of the sounding of the Striking Back final composition in the rebellious preparedness to the fight.