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We got the right path

November 19, 2021
Stormbringer (Gbr) - Aiiv

Thoughtfully, powerfully and confidently, the <>bRitualbegins the musical wind of the Stormbringer (Gbr) - Aiiv album, then continues with a whirlwind of restrained drive in the twilight of the We Got the Right song. Rolling up the musical twilight, the Medication song only aggravates the musical twilight. album, eclipsing the vocal part in the foreground of the musical image of the We Got the Right song.
Rolling in waves of drive, the Black Cradle composition gives a different kind of musical imagery to the sound of the >Heavily powerful and assertve the Black CradleStand Tall release.
is tight and assertive, continuing the musical sound.
The romantic experiences of the Mourning Roses ballad brighten and embellish expectations. The Mirage complements the album's sound with an understated musical thriller.
Insistent, powerful, and unapproachable, the Troll composition rolls in waves of musical unyieldingness. The Archetype song continues the same style, bringing a touch of southern rock to the sound. The Way of Life closes the album with romantic reflections.