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Mesmerizing emotions entangles with invisible fetters

September 19, 2018
Yukon Blonde - Critical Hit

Inspirational Too Close To Love motifs begins the Yukon Blonde - Critical Hit album with such admiring melodies, pulsing the rhythmic component and shrouding all over with a sparkling cover of the background keyboard cover.
Continuing romantic thoughts about love and feelings, Love The Way You Are turns into a brooding, leisurely ballad. Emotional Blackmail continues the ballad narration, setting aside keyboard motifs, complementing the vocal part with background melodies of female vocals.
Changing the musical style of several ingrivye tunes, Cry creates a more dreamy mood and inspires to the search for change. The vocals turns to a higher pitch.
Returning again to pensive doubts, the music recedes into the background, without interfering with muffled vocal reflections to create the main impression of the Hardly Even There composition. But in the chorus, the vocals return to high tones of its chants.
Combining the style of the blues with some kind of drive Feeling Digital promotes its narrative in a playfully pulsating march, with connecting vocals rejecting blues tones into invisible spaces.
Inspirational history Summer In July is carried away in a light musical atmosphere, then changing to a pulsating sound Crazy, as if combining the display of the same story from different points of view.
Doubts and feelings of The Bluffs vocal parts are intertwined with inspirational passages of instrumental bridges.
After doubts and anxious feelings, the album regains peace and tranquility in a soft and gentle Painting On A Smile romance.
Continuing romantic experiences, feelings and emotions remain in doubt, singing their attitude to Dear Nancy. But more calm and enchanted emotions continue the soft narration of an impressed ballad This Is Spain, anticipating the final composition.
The last composition of the album Ritual Off The Docks becomes its longest song, appearing as something of a separate artwork, suggesting a fascinating history and a combination of many variations of musical motifs and vocal narrations.