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Unknowable original essence of being

January 15, 2022
Dysphoria (UKR) - Primal Entropy

Immediately exploding with vocal frenzy, the Dysphoria (UKR) - Primal Entropy album at once brutalizes the music and vocals with brutal atmosphere, but from time to time brings creative changes in the sound of the Faux Purpose track.
The emotional desperation of the guitar solo argues with the fierce vocal pressure, creating a unity of musical contrasts in the sound of the Escapist song.
The vocals again clash with the Imminence Reborn musical sound, first marching in a mid-tempo march, then taking off in an accelerated rush with an argument of screaming and growling vocals.
The argument of musical and vocal passages unites with the discourse of screaming and growling in the vocal part of the Shattered Throne song, giving way with musical frenzy to the vocal pressure of the From Swans to Vultures composition, indicating and guiding the progressive musical transformations along the indicated path.
Rolling with angry proclamations, the Frail Concept twilight anthem rises with a swift rush, then slows the tempo in pensive vocal reflection. The Oversight song completes this album, combining the alternating rhythm and tempo of the musical passages with the tonality of the vocal part.