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Associations as a mechanism

December 26, 2020
Tasselmyer, Andrew - Associative Mechanisms

The Fogbanks track begins the musical narration of the Andrew Tasselmyer - Associative Mechanisms album, creating an atmosphere of intriguing mystery, in which fragments of solutions to riddles appear in an obscure haze. The Oxide even more thickens the obscurity of the musical mystery, but then brings a vivid inspiration to the musical artistry of sound.
The twilight obscurity of the distorted musical echoes of the Surface Tension track creates the feeling of an echo of distant mystical ghosts. Even more thickening obscure haze, the Dream States envelops the listener in lace of enchanting melody.
Keeping an atmosphere of mystery, the Dream States envelops the listener with an atmosphere of enchanting romance, continuing this narration into the sound of distant winds of the Vaporous composition.
In an obscure haze, the Dawn Light enchants with the echoes of a mysterious symphony, complemented by the echoes of a smoldering fire. The sound of rain sets the atmosphere for the Imprints intro of the final composition of the album, which then sounds like a worn out old record.