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Unimaginable horror envelops the mind

May 25, 2022
Corpsessed - Beyond Abysmal Thresholds

Pumping up waves of gloomy musical vibrations, the Trepanation composition wraps the vocal part with the twilight mystery of the gothic atmosphere, which continues with its musical sound of the Ravening Tides song, continuing the musical narrative of the Corpsessed - Beyond Abysmal Thresholds album with a more viscous, painful and gloomy sound. Vocals phrases at first get bogged down in a musical swamp, but then rise together with music, again and again returning to the dark solemnity of a gloomy fairy tale.
After the intriguing introduction, the Sovereign composition rolls in unrestrained waves of dark drive, crowned with vocal proclamations in anticipation of the gloomy twilight of the Demoniacal Subjugation musical story, weaving a gloomy lace of dark symphony and vocal mystery, developing these stylistic shades and nuances in the twilight solemnity of the procession Of Desolation dark anthem.
The guitar solo of the introduction rises with the mystery of lace of musical intrigue, then transformed into the Transcend Beyond Human main motif, preceding the dancing rhythm with vocal phrases, wrapping the twilight mystery of the gothic atmosphere and dark fairy tales in the sound of the Necrosophic Channeling dark symphony.
The guitar solo of the intro impressively and artistically weaves the lace sound of the Apotheosis epic saga, then complemented by a vocals fairy tale and the previous unrestrained combativeness of the entry of The Threshold final composition, then returning to the twilight of gloomy ancient fairy tales.