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The battle of the wolf with the serpent sung in fairy tales

May 24, 2022
Manegarm, 2022 -  Ynglingaattens Ode

The musical drive takes the vocals narrative on the wings of a swift flight, combining in the joint unity of the Freyrs blod composition and anticipating the wistful inspiration of the epic musical motifs and the vocal fairy tale of the chorus, combined in a delightful unity and starting the epic fairy tale of the Manegarm - Ynglingaattens Ode concept album with the artistic grandeur of musical inspiration and echoes of ancient Viking legends piercing space and time. But then, in music, ancient tales come to the fore in the charm of folklore inspiration of vocal and musical unity. The guitar solo of the intro sets the direction for the development of the main motive, then supporting the vocal story of the Ulvhjartat song, which will be rethought in this album. The chorus transforms the vocals into epic melodies, anticipating their development into the gripping Adils fall main tune.
The charm of the musical sound of the En snara av guld (feat. Lea Grawsio Lindstrom) ballad is also complemented by the vocals chants of the daughter from the members of this musical group and a very famous and successful musician. The mid-tempo musical pressure crowns the vocals narration in the sound of the Stridsgalten (feat.Jonne Jarvela, Robse Dahn, Par Hulkoff)) musical fairy tale, then speeding up the tempo together with the musical drive. It should be noted the influence of the diversity of the vocal part due to the many guest artists. Then the Auns soner composition stubbornly, persistently and unwaveringly presses the waves of the chosen musical motive, raising vocal melodies in the unity of male and female vocals on the crests of musical waves in the chorus.
Music and vocals combine in the bewitching sound of the Vitta vettr song, enveloping the atmosphere of northern fairy tales and the influence of ancient legends, captivating with the epic romance of the Hagkomst av ett liv (feat. Ellinor Videfors) acoustic ballad, combining the chime of the strings with the soft and bewitching melodies of the singing lady, male vocals and their unity in a duet. Well, the English-language version of The Wolfheart (English Version) song (already mentioned about the re-mastering) draws the final touch of the album with a stroke.