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Try to imagine the unimaginable - that is it!

September 21, 2016
Mercury Tree - Permutations

Indescribable using familiar words Mercury Tree - Permutations , you can imagine only the world indescribable fantasies after you listen to it completely!
Slowly and quietly enters the medical doctor in his possession, where a variety of Symptoms awaits him, hiding in the shadows and corners. Their set of irresistible, the healer seeks to identify them using a variety of methods, his voice exudes diligence and the utmost concentration, his mind quite daunting combine melodic pattern shifts and rhythmic structure, they add up to a picture of unimaginable - that crowns the doctor with vocal mixtus.
Persistently and obsessive beats in the border restricting their minds elsewhere, demonstrating that Exhume The Worst. Obsessive grim picture of the composition covers by their bars, not allowing to escape from its actions and can't hide from its influence.
Title track Permutations lock consciousness in a conclusion of the melancholic lyrical shell, keyboard passages that exalted crowned guitar riffs, shifting from ballad to rabid fury, by their lyrical fine sounds.
Fantastic croaking sounds reveals Ether/Ore to us, permeating the whole body composition mysterious combinations and unexpected changes of rhythm and stylistic rebirth. At the end of the mysterious unpredictable music activates its way to the end, finishing with a gnash.
Lyrical ballad Placeholder exalts the mind games by arranging a variety of mystical parade of thoughts within the unprecedented discoveries and unrestrained flight dreamy fantasies of thinkers physical bodies. Comes to an end with the maddened thinkers screaming about their dreams aloud!
Unintelligible continues unrestrained demonstration of fantasies, that leads to madness, suddenly changing the rhythm from obsessive-stubborn to the lyrically dreamy melody that ascends in the space of heavenly delight, beyond the blessed passion of its necessity and importance for the whole Universe!
Starting from leisurely dreamy story about a possible grace, Sympathesizer It speeds up the narration, making a break in the viscous melodic bridge, back to belief in a leisurely and unquestionable credibility of his promises. The result is applied by methodical slow phrases, ending like a pendulum sounds.
Quiet and calm Seek And Release melody swings in its embrace, like a tender mother caresses her inexperienced child, trying to make all my love to the cradle of his arms... to release to weird outside world, with all its unexpected turmoil and unpredictable disasters.
Flying dragonflies and butterflies disperse swirling mist by their wings, carrying Prometheist over into the realm of the unvisible limits of the dreamy promises. Then the sound saturates its changeable structure resembling a crawling caterpillar, changeable its body in a convulsive jerks. But then from the changeable rolls from side to side comes fatigue, appealing to respite - expressed in the dark viscous riffs, sublime keybords tunes hovers over them as a swarm of midges.
Epic saga of Deep Five crowns itselves the whole album, hiding her veil, woven from the abundance of different melodies, indescribable by simple and accessible phrases, blowing minds and thoughts from habitable space realities in the world of unbridled fantasies insurmountable, give birth and then performing any dreams!