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True power needs appropriate rituals

August 15, 2019
 Misery Index - Rituals of Power

An epic twilight envelops in a majestic fog in the Universal Untruths introduction, vocals complement this dark tale with their phrases. The dark dance of the rampant drive of the Decline And Fall composition continues the Misery Index - Rituals of Power album with unstoppable power, rushing through the surrounding twilight in the deadly dance of black blades. In the chorus, the vocals hide the darkness, extolling the significance of their phrases.
>Walking in the narrative of a mid-tempo introduction, vocals supplement this march with their phrases, but then the waves of the verse’s furious drive alternate with the mid-tempo anthem of The Choir InvisibleNew Salem complements the musical limits with mystical mystery and mysterious guitar passages that brings spicy influences of oriental motifs into the introduction. Vocals bring swift drive and violent whirlwinds to the musical image.
Mystically, the trends of the guitar solo bring the spell of the dark warlocks in intro, then the vocals roll in waves of the Hammering the Nails mid-tempo march, condensing the sound in the chorus. The title track Rituals Of Power continues the motifs of dark mysticism, but hardens and condenses the mid-dark narration, pumping the flow of drive with the introduction of vocals.
A viscous and gloomy guitar solo envelops the listener and vocal phrases with a swirling whirlwind of riffs, captivating and mesmerizing with mysterious variations of the They Always Come Back musical passages around significant and majestic vocal speeches. I Disavow immediately explodes in a rampant stream of dark drive, from time to time slowing down the flow of the musical flow. Naysayer completes the album, alternating violent explosions of drive with rhythmic vocal reflections, weaving from this combination a bewitching musical lace.