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The barrel is empty - roll the next one!

August 16, 2019
Drunken Crocodiles - Out of Barrel

The Viktor introduction long and variably unrolls the lace of musical passages, then the vocals appear for a short while, again giving way to an instrumental approach with an enchanting guitar solo. But then immediately the vocals come to the forefront of The Monk musical image, continuing the Drunken Crocodiles - Out of Barrel album with a viscous and philosophical composition. But after pleading and thinking, the musical drive rolls in irresistible waves and the vocals become more raw and hoarse.
Pensive music and vocal dreams roll in waves of bewitching romance, interwoven into the sound of the Shortcut bewitching ballad. Dry winds from the prairies and southern winds inspire traditional metal and pays tribute to the legends of southern metal with the Volstead Act song.
Beginning with acoustic guitar passages Mate gives the impression of a romantic ballad, but then the vocals harden the sound, however, the music keeps a leisurely pace and marches on the verge between a romantic ballad and a twilight anthem. B&S after leisurely and thoughtful compositions, drive waves are rolled up by bouncing waves, while maintaining the average pace of the narrative.
Starting in a vague atmosphere of reverent doubt, then the Hard Awakening music and vocals phrases become hardened, preserving, however, the mesmerizing shades of romantic impressions. The drum roll and pulsating rhythmic musical appeals brings a share of the harsh historical truth with sharp and indignant 1854 song's vocals phrases within the album.
Notes of hard blues and progressive shades of rhythmic fracture expand the stylistic framework of the album, Tricky Quiet vocals complement these variations with phrases of recitative. As a complement to variations, romantic vocal tunes follows.
But Great Unknown returns to the malleable rhythmic march inherent in this style of music. But the vocals begin with a romantic cry, only then being transformed to the usual fierce harsh style. Elicona concludes the album with an acoustic ballad, in which the bard announces the sorrows and love experiences that have been experienced.