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Traitors can't stay alive - we will defeat them!

March 13, 2016
Traitors can't stay alive - we will defeat them!

Thrash without any apology to Traitor. Fast Start, slow tight bridge. Destroyer 666 - Wildfire - Murder Without Regret!
Overweighted, viscous and oppressive accompaniment - Live and Burn!
Tremolo does not let guitarist's trembling fingers go out in Artiglio del Diavolo - the devil is blame in this instrumental track!
Thrash'core or groove?! Just mighty and powerfull blows done this in the Hounds at Ya Back. If you're the great fan of the Slayer and prefer their "South of Heaven" - Hymn to Dionysus can attract you!
Title song - the wild, unbroken thrash! Wildfire can't be put away or faded out!
White Line Fever - hear it, and maybe thats thrash feed hels you to recover?!
What - not cured or not recovered? Die You Fucking Pig! Magical, mysterious entry -  Shud starts! Then like a march and a monologue beneath it, after an impressive guitar solo follows slow and shrill clean vocals. Personally, I would have listened to all of album just because the last track. All the previous thrash - I like thrash, argh!

Evil! Kill! Break! ALL! That's plays Disquiet - The Condemnation!
Start sounds like this then melodic break, and then KILL! Ascending!
Ample, oppressive start, enslaving by its sounds - that's an The Condemnation. Metalcore grooving out of all!
He marches, enslaves, pushes - he's Fist of Persistence. Melodical death blow Born to Dissent - you have to change all the world around!
The Great Divide thrashes these attempts! Slow attempts of rethinking deeds - Haul  the Tree of Life. Marching entry of the Las 'Pasi leads deeper into narrative in Spanish.
Entry slow, viscous, and distractive - mayby you've just From Essence Deprived? Unceasing strikes, hits the drumkits and your ears - that's just IDK. The melodic guitar part in the accession, follows metalcore vocals and melodic death guitars - and next thrash\groove chorus and clean vocals?! A lot of styles comnined in Bred to Fail!