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Vikings may be very various

March 11, 2016
Vikings may be very various

Axes are singing their song, and probably you would expect to hear any other style of music. Noup! Norn knows its faith and your destiny it knows too.
Strandhugg will serve as the mouthpiece of Norns.
It starts with Ogleai - broken and ragged rhythm, vocals on background , guitar cries go forward.
In following track the main motive exempt, clear vocals try to accomplish it. It's Blur true sight and nevermore!
Soul Eater approaching to you from dynamics, marching powerful and unceasing. You can't abort, interrupt or brake this march!
Cerr Hugr lyrical, slow, melodic beginning turns into a viscous and dense reef, obsessively pressing on the psyche. And then the vocals - clean and growl alternated - like the lyrics and the pressure.
Can you fix all around for all? Or just Lying For the Greater Good better and more efficiently? It's hard, gravely and harshly to make this decision - music corresponds to this process.
Next track, Vera in veritas, or that's just a joke? The slow, jerky, stringy keybords without vocals. You has time to think about all around you.
Consider all comprehensive? Or maybe all concepts just an The Elusive Concept? Norns know the way - prompt and point somehow.

But if the path is uncertain and understandable by Norns, you can listen their next ode Strandhugg - OEthra (Single) to clearly present the way into the future!