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Demons lead all of us to insanity!

March 14, 2016
Demons lead all of us to insanity!

Raven croaks, organ plays its melody on the background... and then BANG! Immaculate Desolation. Fast, powerfull technical death sounds in the Despondent - Tales Of Insanity. Broken and torn rhythms, technical and complex guitar parts and brutal death vocals - thats all in The Madness From The Sea (Ft. Duncan Bentley, And Liam Totton).
Next track sounds slow-viscous and stretchy The Unreverberate Blackness Of The Abyss.
Beginning of Medusa like a broken music box, and then the same as the music box begins shows otherwise its fracture.
Next track The Noble And Most Ancient House Of Black is a rock'n'roll of that's broken musical box - without vocals.
We heard a strange and incomprehensible wonders of the music box? Time harvest crops for Planetary Harvesters. Growling and screams are competing in Succumbing To Insanity (Alternative Mix) throughout the whole track. Heathen's Crown is the cosmic narration in which the only a growling whisper on the background.
Cthulhu: Galactic Trap Lord is not death metal, just like minimal techno. Brutal death jams all around in following Immeasurable Foetal Mutilation (Infant Annihilator Vocal Cover By Ben Duerr). Cthulhu sleeps - it can't prevent the mighty riffs!

Musical albums can be conceptual! Dark tale Devil In You - Demons and stories with a demonic state in it!
Semyazza's Liberation sounds slow, gloomy, colose to doom-death and the narrator tells us a lot of details.
Demons are coming quickly, brutally smashing everything around by hitting firmly with sharp blows.
Blood Redemption not so fussy, hasty and rapidly. Redemption does not tolerate hustle and bustle - thoughtful story in doom-death style. The rhythmic march Dead lines continues "redemption-style".
Orobas accelerates narration, breaking the atmosphere of thought without movement. In the place where mythical ghosts and warlocks conduct demonic, evil rituals you can't rest.
Evil Churchtrack fast untill the chorus - it's ends with slow and melodical guitar part.
Mid-tempo Merciful sound much faster in instrumental parts, become like march with vocals and much slower in a middle of it.
Pain As Payment's hacking start does not justify the expectation of breakneck mindless cutting. Thoughtful exposition of the story follows slashing entry. You can Pray as in next track - especially in the Evil Church!
It is an unexpected phenomenon for death - Sigh is quiet, thoughtful and lyrical instrumental, against which come whispers and breath, completion of which in essence is the entry of the next track, Like My Hell. Exactly what the world if demons run hither all around?!