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Tough and hard inspirations for the fantasies

February 01, 2017
Nocturnal Hollow - Deathless And Fleshless

Swords and spears have broken, axes and hatchets not hurts - it's Nocturnal Hollow - Deathless And Fleshless all of them!
Spawn Of The Possessed mixes styles and pace, varying the mood in a dark mysterious fog with unexpected continuation of the story.
Viscous sound of As Blood Flows continues to wrap with the impenetrable thick mist. Powerful riffs circling around it slowly, suggesting creepy feeling with the tough vocal phrases.
Mysterious gentle guitar motif starts The Incantation Of Astaroth story, tempation for the legend creates a strong and rigid base for fairy tales. In the instrumental passage, followed by muffled vocal phrase tempo slows down, thickening density of musical picture.
Lively, zealously and aggressively so rhythmicaly Devilish Blood drives the piles in its own way, quickly moving ahead.
Tightly hard and persistently to its aggression Necromantial Sin throws tanks, full of terrible irritation to spaces all around.
The Crypt filled with rage and anger, hides in impenetrable walls of horror and grief, hiding it and protect all around from its terrible annoyance.
Burning vortices of viscous guitar notes, dense poison of heavy dark motives envelops us Beyond Death. Gloomy motifs surround us with the dark mist, enveloping with sadness of negative expectations of the worst.
Darkens the history of album sluggish The Blackest Sorrow, thickening this artwork with the darkness of its oppressive sad sound.
Rage and anger alternates the pace and speed while Hammer Of God smashes all around. Runaround fairytale mythical vortex envelops us with intro of the Your Curse...Your Death. The charm of gloomy atmosphere envelops us the beauty of eternal life after death ... in the completion of the entire album