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February 02, 2017
Barloventos - La Senda Eterica

Barloventos - La Senda Eterica combines folk dance motifs with unprecedented legends, pulling to follow for its brilliant dance.
Splash of waves and seagulls calling symphonic orchestral motifs that starts Memento Mori intro, than turns into a powerful drive of lively and energetic music. But part of the symphonic instrumental motives returns to make preparations for the final spurt.
Organ El Holandes Errante in its sublime passages does not interfere with the sailors dancingn polka. Rather it is a combination of symphonic and folk dance motifs colors composition with bright sparkling shades.
Monumental significant intro is preparing to mind the terrifying monster Kraken. But gorgeous melody combines many different instruments - guitars, flute and keyboards surround with vortices of its notes.
The cries of gulls and the tramp of skipper's boots on the planks of the pier begins Reunion tale, mid-tempo music ascends to the clouds of flute passages.
Romantic ballad El Circ De Su Ley oppressive melancholy melodies and harsh emotional phrases circling in a dark dance.
La Taberna De La Bruja hops in the rhythm of folk dances, returning to the bars to the old familiar tunes. In the middle of the composition the story slows down, but the violin again drives up the tale for a while.
La Comarca combines emotional exhalations bagpipes with the energy and drive of modern music, dividing doubts and disagreements.
The violin leads the Hechizos main motif, the other instruments follow its tune, giving the confidence and complementing musical picture with their shades of its sounds.
Delicate notes of violin build laces of gentle sounds in La Leyenda Del Lobo Y La Luna, emotional vocals complementing sublimity and tenderness of its own, then instruments rushes in the furious drive for a moment ending with a soft and melodic ballad the entire album.