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Death can be so charming and fascinating!

January 31, 2017
Salhem - La Fin D'un Monde

On heavy metal blade Salhem - La Fin D'un Monde twisted curls was painted, guard with carefully carvings and sword hilt covered with pearl enamel !
Lively and draiving Je Me Donne bears its musical images, keyboards and melodic passages ascends above the dense rhythmic structure.
Rumeurs proceed as the dispute of female and male vocals frills, shrouded with ghostly veils of mysterious keyboard melodies.
Nervous emotional scene raises in a ragged rhythm of Au Dela, surrounding with vortices of doubts dances in indelible resentment. But then the gentle ghostly melody envelops around with charm of ancient legends, giving a respite before the next controversy scene.
Powerful unwavering drive replaces with the emotional whisper of vocal phrases, then they were combines rage and emotion in single burst of Obsession chorus.
The guitar riff is buzzing like swarm of angry insects, so that their poison so Toxic and venomous. But resistance to the swarm so carefull and persistent - so musical ideas collide in a battle, changing rhythm and pace causes fighting spirit in facing the chorus.
Delicate, gentle and courteous guitar break starts Le Meilleur Ou Le Pire story, later combining their melodical leitmotif with the powerfull veil of rhythmic support. Then keyboards enriches the sound image with the patterns of its melodical parties.
Viscous rush of guitar drive Donnez-Prenez creates the foundation and provides the path for sublime rays keyboard passages.
Music Box brings the Christmas spirit by playing a melody ... but then the Les Anges Pleurent music darkens the festive spirit with its grim melody, points to apprehensions with abrupt ragged vocal phrases.
Romantic motives of Ici Ou Ailleurs shrouds in mysterious ghostly mist, keyboard passages pierces like sharp blades that cloud vortices, accompanying to cryptic vocal phrases.
Lyrical romance continues its fabulous mystery in Chacun Son Heure. Keyboard notes emerges from the dark fog, bursting to light with so melodic parties, passing as ancient fairy tales.
Inhale, exhale ... then Pile Ou Face completes this artwork with aspirations for further achievements, based on the mysterious delightful main motive.