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To understand the whole world - have to study from the untold

April 24, 2016
Sleepers' Guilt - Kilesa

Carved they steps into stones on the road - that pace leads us to the orchestra of violins that surrounds with the mysterious atmosphere of unrecognized elusive spirits. Entry of Sense Of An Ending so exciting, that further sound pattern only enhances the interest and deepens surprise.
So mysterious, intriguing and challenging begins that artwork - Sleepers' Guilt - Kilesa.
Guitar intro of the Scars Of War like magical explosion of emotions! Next rifs followed by a more rhythmic and less melodic riffs, but the starting again comes to the fore, making it clear - this is the leitmotiv!
Lyrical melodic guitar passage opens Angel Eyes until the guitar bridge, that get all ready to growl vocals and hardened music. And "pleace, don't cry" sounds for those who dissolved the snot on Angel Eyes. Instrumental part return to somethin' like the startin' riff, but finish wipes that snots!
I Am Reality vocals starts "Helo my friends, now listen closely!" than filled music with power and fury, to connect impracticable after the outbreak - maybe, fairies and orcs... elves and trolls...somethin' else unbearable. Reality? Maybe, potentially...theoretically-possible opportunity as well.
Fabulous guitar riff starts The Mission description of the implementation of which is followed by alternating rhythms, tempo and moods.
Dying Alive melody from intro follows all the durability of that track, keeps it under its influence and on its side. Then follows pace-type bridge to the instrumental pattern with its melodical passages and fairy tales. But - from the cradle to the grave!
Acoustic starts of Teardrop Bullets indicates ballad or something sad or grim...but growl vocals begins pace tempo war-screams, that enchances by clean vocals - more troops come to gathering point to the campfire.
Supernova open spaces of the universe, far space travel... but so far - only the stars on the sky, dreams, doubts. After a slow rhythmic bridge follows a dreamy tale of possible travel, not in this reality, pf course - but in dreams and aspirations...and that poetic burst completed by story about how stars die...
Blues'style guitars begins Not For Words to enchanse your mindspace with its flows - like a swarm of butterflies flies evening around kerosene lamp placed on a window sill at the window, shrouded by shadowy curtain. Fabulous, amazing instrumental track!
Folk tunes combines the Kleshas intro by their sounds, which later transforms into instrumental rage of the band. The first vocal phrase is pronounced with accompaniment of tabla. Then everything turns into a shamanic dance with tambourines with constant repetition of "Kleshas", it subside only temporarily by blues guitar solo. Claimy tribal dances with female voices ends that shamanic ritual.
Bewitching, unhurried entry opens Akusala-Mula - 3 evil roots, analogue of "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse' in european cultures. The song is about that evilness trinity.
Sadly melancholy of acoustic guitars starts Vipassana which means to see things as they really are. That's one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. After a quiet softly entry follows more rigid music, which occupied by a considerable share of folk motifs and melodies preserved, extended and amended with female vocals, bounding the growl by its softness.