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There's no supernova stars, no nations falls apart

April 27, 2016
Newton's Cradle - Broken

Apples not fallen, no laws was written in the Newton's Cradle - Broken.
The first notes creeps cautiously, quietly and deliberately - it brings Fear here. Light keyboards tune sounds gently,
then guitars carefully supports female voice that tells fearful story - how fears comes alive. Completes a story about revived, consuming mind fears - the flute and continuing her keyboards improvisation.
Started by keybords suite Astonishment continued by raged rhythmic parts and sounds over them female vocals. Then story calms and vocals more takes main part of sound beneath of instrumental pieces of the track. Last piece - a quiet melodic part, where the rhythm section rest a while. It awakenin' later for guitar solo, just before finish done by keyboards.
Gentle piano tune starts Pain pt. 1 to be continued by male vocals that tells us nervous story. Later gentle tune changes with the harsh narration - 'till the instrumental part, where guitars lay up their solo first, then keyboards promote their suite...and that flows like a river - never repeated itself.
Nervous and dramatic stories alternate lyrical ballad Loneliness, where gentle lady's voice tells sad story - that continues with improvise and fluid pace of instrumental binding the mind with the music. The composition completed by part, where female voice describes a concrete shape of life..."livin' this loneliness", she sings for example.
The last track of the album is Madness, raging instrumental improvisation, drivin' composition from one way to another: varying direction and velocity of its course, tearing off the pace and rushing from side to side.