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You can surrender or stampede run, fall on your faces - that's Coriolan!

April 23, 2016
Rome - Coriolan

Ode to valiant knights returned from the glorious and arduous trek with shields, but not on shields, celebration of a delegation of ambassadors and representatives of other empires - that was Investiture, that opens expressive and multifaceted saga Rome - Coriolan.
Prepare for battle, instruction, kettledrums before the arena Make You a Sword of Me prepare for further events outlined in the Broken chronicles forgotten, books get lost, legends ... are broken! Comlex melodic pattern refreshed by mixed vocals transmitted into broken complicated fragile art with the nervous finish!
Full-rhythmic entry preparing to bolder events in Fragments, but it goes all the way in the same vein.
Jingle strings rides the intro by their sounds from start of This Light Shall Undress All - all undressed? what's vision, impressions and thinkings? Title track Coriolan, how much of these sounds - lyrical ballad in which a confession is heard about all deeds, teachings to next generations and pain, much pain - because of thoughts, a stranger's pain, pain, caused to enemies and by enemies, and pain - just a pain...
On the war gather, prepare, equip - but Der Krieg not wait - it standing outside and stares, stares at your preparation and slaughter all of you!
Your death, fame, accolades, anything willed Funeratio ... afterwards - now just the burial service of you are...