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Times require changes

July 23, 2018
Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes: 30th Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition) [LP]

The symphonic instrumental suite Ragnarok opens the gates of the Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes: 30th Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition) [LP] album, creating a foretaste of touching the jubilee edition of the legendary band. The epic composition Inferno continues this musical artwork, in which the vocal phrases are carried away on the wings of the main motive, supplementing the sound with disturbing guitar passages in instrumental bridges.
Self-titled Blitzkrieg song in verses rushes in hurried impetuous impulses, forcing gloomy premonitions in bridges and accentuating the name in the choruses again and again.
The mid-tempo pulsating march pushes the expectation of the coming battles - in which will have to Pull The Trigger again and again. No options - only so you can survive.
Armageddon introduction pushes waves of anxious forebodings, vocals complement the musical image of emotional experiences. The drum section creates a confident background, allowing vocal and guitar passages to weave in enchanted combinations. In the middle of the composition, the vocals erect epic palaces of fairy tale narratives, which continues an unforgettable guitar solo, anticipating the romantic narrations of the vocal part. But the newly returned stream of drive completes the composition.
The mid-tempo composition approaches the ballad, but the instrumental breeches are only tightened by foggy waves, enveloping in a mysterious haze further vocal phrases calling in the choruses Take A Look Around to form an idea of the surrounding reality.
The swift wave of drive is carried away uncontrollably on the wings of composition Hell To Pay, preceding the epic ballad Vikings, in the middle part, pumping a majestic drive stream, hovering in a swift blizzard around the mirror bridge and the igdrasil's roots.
Reflections of the wise man constitute title track's A Time Of Changes introduction, which continues with a majestic mid-tempo anthem, enveloped in the spicy influences of oriental motifs.
Rebellion against burdensome orders, the Saviour main motive pays tribute to the legends of style.
The re-mastered version of the unforgettable hit Too Wild To Tame precedes the final track of composition Jealous Love (Acoustic), with an acoustic ballad returning the youth atmosphere and youthful enthusiasm.