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Where is the solution to these riddles?

July 24, 2018
Zemial - Nykta

Starting Zemial - Nykta album with sophisticated narratives about the past battles Ancient Arcane Scrolls preserves the epic atmosphere, covering the sorceress's legend with the fog of musical vortexes. But then the vocals and music harden, gaining more severe and gloomy tones. Then the acoustic instrument suite creates some kind of distraction from rigor and rigidity. But the main motive comes back again, bringing with it some progressive rhythmic decisions with oriental musical shades and preserving the epic nature of the composition.
A marvelous guitar solo completes the composition, anticipating a wave of violent drive that the next track Eclipse sweeps with its sound. This drive honors the origins, clearly indicating the influence of legends on the musical views of the band. After the waves of dark drive followed by epic musical passages, raising a key background and vague vocalizations mystical tantrum around the romantic crying guitar solo.
Like a whirlwind of deadly blades Under Scythian Command rushes through the expanses of the album with violent rabies and violent malicious attacks.
Continuing the furious mood of the previous composition, musical vortexes envelop severe vocal reflections, but then changing the sound of In the Arms of Hades (including: Forever Toward the Light) by a mystical march, marching in a gloomy haze through a spiral of mysterious spells and magical images. Further in the magical fog, oriental motifs appear more and more clearly, anticipating an unforgettable tale of an epic guitar solo, twisted with artistic musical passages and transfixed by charming keyboard parts.
The musical dusk rolls through the pulsating waves, the vocal clearly and stubbornly establishes the inevitability, Breath of the Pestilence confidently developing its party. The musical background follows the path of the vocal phrases. The necromancer's spell causes the most violent whirlwinds of summoned ghosts, enveloping Deathspell with the vortex of demonic fury, vocal phrases hover in the darkness of inexpressible horror. But then the sage starts up wise speculation about the demonic nature and ways of domination over this darkness, but the demonic lord enters into a dispute with him.
The Small instrumental suite envelops with cosmic motives, improbably artistic melodism conceives and develops the introduction of the next composition (although it is like mini-album) Pharos (I - Dreamer Lost, II – The Great Dark, III – Alone, IV - Jewels in the Dust). Somewhat bitterly embedded in the previous composition of the motif and denser sound, the music appears as an impetuous pulsating march, enveloping in spicy hot whirlpools of reflection in instrumental bridges. After the mysterious vocal controversy and artistic variations in the progressive planes of guitar and key passages, combining a viscous viscous rhythm with the incredible mystique of the further development of the musical canvas - the composition incredibly expands the genre frames, capturing the vast spaces of stylistic features: in the instrumental part, ghostly outlines of the epic art rock of the 70-80's appears, but appear as enchanting living motifs. These spicy charms end in gloomy gothic romance, interwoven vague lace of keyboards and guitar passages, preserved however a charming progressive tone with a touch of oriental motifs. The album ends with silence - not answering the questions, but offering to get Out of the Cage in your own way.