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Vikings honor only the Northern Gods

July 22, 2018
Immortal (NOR) - Northern Chaos Gods

The uncontrollable rage and pressure of the title track begins the Immortal (NOR) - Northern Chaos Gods album with a violent wave of drive, blowing away any obstacles on its way.
The following compositionInto Battle Ride pushes the pace into the introduction, but vocal reflections keep from rabies, bridges and choruses show an enchanting progressive tint, complicating the rhythmic structure to exquisite variations. But in the chorus, the proud attitude to valorous feats and legendary heroism accentuates the name of the composition again and again.
The main motive of the Gates to Blashyrkh composition appears already at the very beginning, enveloping the vocal part with a mystical fog. The impending mysterious shadows with ghostly gusts give the composition a magical charm.
The grim motives of demonic dances entwine the Grim and Dark composition with mysterious whirlwinds of spiraling ghosts, enveloping vocal phrases with dark shades of black magic and wicked spells.
The growing impetuosity of the Called to Ice narrative is borne by icy whirlwinds and an unreliable snowstorm through the northern expanses frozen in frosty breath, sweeping by an impetuous impulse through times and spaces.
Shaking off the snow shackles Where Mountains Rise sounds proud and majestic, the main motive revives the belief in divine blessings and the hope of the ascended prayers and the sacrifices brought to the gods.
The swift whirlwind of icy winds blows on the wings of a fierce blizzard, carrying the musical laces of Blacker of Worlds song quickly and uncontrollably under the glow of the northern lights. In bridges and choruses there are echoes of the last composition of album Mighty Ravendark, which transforms musical passages into more restrained and melodic motifs, fascinating with their passages, completing the album with majestic charm.