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Time can enslave anything

July 09, 2020
Cryodeath - Slaves Of Time

The epic procession of the solemn march of the title composition begins the Cryodeath - Slaves Of Time album with the charm of melodic grandeur, weaving together the threads of guitar passages and the emotions of vocal phrases. The All Hope Is Gone ontinues the musical narration by progressively complicating the rhythmic structure, subduing it with a vocal appeal and diluting the vocal part with clean vocals.
Enveloping vocal phrases with guitar passages Betrayal combines their influence to create a single musical image. The furious drum roll creates a mystical mood topped with harsh Figure vocals admonitions. The brooding romanticism of the Waiting For An Answer serene ballad with muted tunes of clean vocals envelopes in a haze of meditation, but then growling vocals hardens the romantic charm.
The Fading Memories instrumental symphony creates the mood of the intro, then complementing these motives with a vocal part and developing them in a mesmerizing dance of the Empire musical passages and vocal phrases that combine clean vocals and growling. Charming with brooding tunes of clean vocals the Unspoken Secrets captivates with the sound of a romantic ballad, enveloping vocal phrases of clean vocals with sparkling notes of acoustic guitar and filling the sound with power with a growling vocals intro. The Scorched Ground continues the musical narration with waves of restrained drive, enchanting the instrumental part with the artistry of the guitar solo. Enveloping the vocals in the enchanting melody of musical passages Road completes the album, inspiring to listen to it again and again.