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Thunder and fireball are rulers of the night

April 01, 2022
Solar X - Fireball

The musical mystery of the Fear Of The Evil composition is born in an intriguing introduction, then spinning the musical flywheel and complementing the sound of the Solar X - Fireball album with a persistent rhythmic drive of musical passages and assertive vocal significance. The Thunder composition continues a similar musical style after the howl of the intro sirens, complementing the vocal part with dreamy melodies of pure vocals. After a persistent and sonorous guitar solo of the introduction, showing the way of the main motif, the Turning In The Dark song then crowns this musical procession with emotional melodies of vocal narration.
Creating intrigue with the guitar solo of the introduction, then the music and vocals weave the fascinating canvas of the In My Veins musical fairy tale, anticipating the rapid assault on the bright drive of the Habit Love musical thriller, combining the vocal narration of the storyteller with the wrapping around guitar riffs.
After a mysterious wait, the Fireball title track confidently, persistently and meaningfully drives the direction of the path of the epic mid-tempo march, combining vocal reflections with unyielding musical perseverance. The ballad guitar introduction with the development of guitars passages is transformed into the epic Kings Of The Night bard saga, praising the reign of the undisputed overlords, complementing the main vocals with background support.
Further, the tenacity of the mid-tempo musical drive is considered in the Endless Race single musical composition with pensive vocal reflections. The Steeling Blood song finds the sound of the vocal styles arguing, as if asking questions and answering them in the following fragments. The Trapped Inside rhythmic battle march completes the sound of the album.