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We have to count the sections of daytime

April 01, 2022
Elysian Fields (USA, TN) - Nine Tomorrows

The instrumental mystery of the Prologue fascinates the listener with the unity of the epic atmosphere and symphonic melody of musical passages, setting the musical direction of the Profession development of the Elysian Fields (USA, TN) - Nine Tomorrows album, developing further musical motifs in an even more artistic and progressive musical consideration.
Majestic inspiration and intriguing premonitions of grandiose musical expectations embody the sound of The Feeling of Power, enveloping the atmosphere of romantic mystery in the sound of The Dying Night musical suite.
The playfulness and atmosphere of household chores and the ordering of household necessities for the sake of creating home comfort embody the musical motifs of the I'm in Marsport Without Hilda track, The Gentle Vultures composition gives a satisfied conclusion to this activity and an inspiring ascension with notes of peaceful fatigue.
Creating an intriguing anticipation in the sound of the All the Troubles in the World track, then the Spell My Name with an S symphony will embody the atmosphere of so solemn event the renaissance, combining symphonic musical passages with the charm of a melodic guitars solo.
After an intriguing wait, The Last Question composition complements the atmosphere of vague guesses with an atmosphere of twilight romance, spinning the fascinating The Ugly Little Boy dance with the chime of the bell and the charm of melodic ascension. The Epilogue ends the album in accordance with the title, and does it carefully and meticulously, being the longest-running composition of this musical release.