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Undefined ideas are stalking somewhere in my mind

April 01, 2022
Stalker (SWE) - Stalker

Dark and gloomy musical passages envelop the vocal narrative of the Black Room song with gloomy covers, creating a gothic atmosphere of the introduction of the Stalker (SWE) - Stalker album. The Dance composition fully corresponds to the title, somewhat transforming the sound with echoes of another musical style and giving the music more dense and rigid rhythmicity.
The enchanting romanticism of the introduction then acts as an inspiration for the unity of the Alone vocals fairy tale with the symphonic charm of the musical atmosphere. The Shred instrumental track fascinates with an artistic unity of stylistic shades and gives a sparkling decoration to the sound with a bright guitar solo.
Persevering and meaningfully, the Liar musical march crowns the waves of its rhythmic sound with vocal phrases. The Lost Not Found composition proclaims its name, completing this definition with the enchanting artistry of a guitar solo, then alternating vocals and guitar passages in the foreground of the musical image.
The My Mind rhythmic march brings echoes of the stylistic shades of southern rock with guitar riffs and solo instrumental bridges. Epic guitar solo envelops the vocal narrative of the Pain mysterious musical tale with covers of obscure mystery and ancient legends, anticipating the end of the album with the sound of an exciting and aspiring to the adventures of the Missing the Point song and the Instrumental Jam instrumental track.