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Thoughts weaves in so bewitching laces

February 19, 2020
Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida

The soft and gentle chime of acoustic guitar strings creates a romantic backdrop for a thoughtful procession of the Fare Thee Well vocal part. Female vocals create a charming backdrop for the main vocal part of male vocals. Enveloping vocal reflections with a cozy blanket of musical accompaniment, sparkling with notes of acoustic guitar solo gives the Three Wishes musical narrative a sense of a native element that dispels adversity and anxiety.
The title track continues the Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida album with a bewitching romance in which the guitar solos of the instrumental bridges give the sound shades of flamenco, weaving the lace of the enchanting chanson. I Didn't Know the Time continues the romantic musical essence, complementing the guitar accompaniment with the background of a brooding bass part with wind tunes.
Starting with the pulsating heartbeat of drums, solo Years introduces a certain mystery into the sound of the musical narrative, drowning the vocals to a mysterious whisper. Of particular note is the saxophone solo in the instrumental part. Complementing the romantic musical atmosphere with trends of folklore motifs She's My Queen supplements the charm of the album with new shades. With sadness and memories, Miles Away uprises sensual musical lyrics to the sphere of melodic experiences, introducing into the music certain shades of classical music and symphonic charm. The notes of an acoustic guitar solo are the You Found Yourself While Losing Your Heart main motive of pensive leisurely romance.
The I Once Sat at Your Table instrumental guitar solo with acoustic fingering of strings, shrouded in a symphonic background of keyboard inspiration, acts as a bridge between the two compositions - in the final composition of the album Sunburst, the bass part creates the basis of melodic charm, lifting the vocal part to the crest of an impressive ballad wave.