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Beasts and monsters are so diverse

February 19, 2020
Assassin (DEU) - Bestia Immundis

Rage and energy flies in an unrestrained stream of uncontrollable drive, in the The Swamp Thing vocal part, the shades of harsh intertwines in the dispute, now hardening almost to growling, then rebelling in emotional fury. How Much Can I Take? continues the Assassin (DEU) - Bestia Immundis album with an even more impetuous thriller, emphasizing the chorus with a vocal argument to the pulsation of a rhythmic march built on questions.
Intriguing anticipation and a guitar solo bursting with a sharp blade elevate the vocal part to the forefront of the No More Lies musical image with a whirlwind of the main motive, combining furious harsh and emotional phrases of clean vocals. The swift musical stream gives the sound of the Not Like You! composition a bewitching playfulness, the vocal part casts off harsh shades and pays more attention to clean vocals, only slightly colored with a shades of harsh. Laying the bewitching guitar solo of the introduction the basis of an intriguing and enchanting main motive, which gives the atmosphere of mysterious mysticism with The Wall vocals phrases.
Chasing the fast-paced race of the rampant musical thriller again, Hell's Work Is Done sweeps all obstacles out of the way, sometimes hardening vocals almost to growling. Beginning with the charm of acoustic romanticism, then the enchanting The Killing Light intro's melody is transformed from an acoustic charm into an uncontrollably powerful drive that envelops a fierce swirl of vocal phrases. Shark Attack continues the album as emphasizing rhythmic dance, with an unstoppable and incredibly fast drive, sometimes lingering and allowing vocal phrases to catch up with the music stream.
The pulsating War Song combat march anticipates the development of these musical motifs at a more accelerated pace, coupled with a fierce vocal narrative. The final composition of the album consists of two components - first Chemtrails, Pt. 1 sets the mysterious intrigue of the mysterious instrumental saga, then Chemtrails, Pt. 2 explodes with the frantic fury of the evil musical thriller, complementing the instrumental component with the fury and anger of the vocal part.