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Storm gives rise to thunder

February 20, 2020
Thundersson - Thundersson

The bewitching trends of the Intro: Assimilation keyboard symphony is opening the gates for the musical procession of the Thundersson - Thundersson album, then develop a given melodic essence in a bright guitar solo, sparkling bewitching melody and taking the Out From The New World vocal part to the crest of the waves of musical narration.
Alternating the dominance of vocal phrases with bright sparkling guitar riffs of the main motive In The Mouth Of The River elevates them to the unity of the chorus. Encircling the emotional vocal experiences with swirls of guitar passages Heavy Metal Thunder Strike rushes them into a unity of desire for adventure. The soft sensuality of the introduction suggests a ballad, but the introduction of vocals uplifts the Words Of A Madman musical essence in a rapid stream of drive, returning to the procession of the mid-tempo march in the chorus. Wrapping up a circle of guitar riffs full of doubts and forebodings, Trapped In The Maze vocals thoughts then raises the banners of solemn melody, while maintaining, however, a fast pace.
Exploding into the intro by a guitar solo of a rebellious entity No More Dreams then weaves guitar passages full of readiness for a combat with an atmosphere of vocals doubts. Readiness for battle is embodied in the title track of The Thunderson album, which becomes the most driving and powerful thriller of the musical saga. Fascinating with the soft and gentle guitar solo of the introduction, The End Of Humanity ends the album with a mid-tempo march bordering on a proud ballad that honors legendary heroes.