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Thoughts and feelings sometimes changes

January 21, 2020
Idle Hands (USA, OR) - Mana

The alarming atmosphere is intertwined with the whirlwinds of restrained drive, complementing with unbelievable vocal confessions, emphasizing the name of the Nightfall song in the chorus. Continuing the Idle Hands (USA, OR) - Mana album with inspired romance, Jackie complements these romantic reflections with notes of doubt and indecision, completing vocal phrases with a harsh screams.
Bringing the vocal part to the front edge of the musical image Cosmic Overdrive complements thoughtful thoughts with furious cries and dense drumrolls in instrumental bridges. Majestic anthem of the Don`t Waste Your Time epic ballad marches with bewitching reverie, bestowing the vocal part a dominant role. But after leisurely deliberation, Give Me To The Night rushes into the fast-moving stream of the drive, twisting the emotional vocal phrases with swirls of musical passages. The fierce scream and powerful guitar solo of the Blade And The Will introduction suggest the thriller, but the vocal part takes the music stream in the direction of thoughtful reflection.
The impressive epic of the Dragon, Why Do You Cry introduction continues with the narrative of a brooding fairy tale, tidying up the emotional narrative of the vocal part. Keeping the epic of narration Double Negative somewhat speeds up the pace, crossing the line of the mid-tempo march and pumping drive waves in instrumental fragments.
The soft sound of guitar fingering in the It'll Be Over Before You Know It introduction continues with the pacifying sound of a bard ballad, which brings the atmosphere of Gothic rock to the album. A Single Solemn Rose continues this style, enveloping vocal phrases with a bewitching haze with ghostly shadows. The title track Mana completes the album, wrapping a bewitching lace of pacifying melody, pierced by sparks of mystery and inscrutability.