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Respect for humanity is unusual for divine beings

January 21, 2020
Serpentian - The Divine Harm

The viscous and tenacious dusk of the main motive envelops with terrifying ghosts, raising to the pedestal of the supremacy of the dark anthem a deep growling, supplemented by fragments of screaming. But then the Pentemychos composition takes on a drive and chases in a swift procession of an evil swarm. Continuing the gloomy narrative of the dark anthem of the Serpentian - The Divine Harm album into the introduction, the Rain of Serpents' Venom then swiftly flies with a rampant drive, returning to the vicious slowness in the final.
Combining the viscous dusk again in the initial phase of the In Godless Void composition, the music then alternates between the violent fragments of the rapid drive and the gloomy mysteries of dark spells. Walking in a procession of dark triumph, an unhurried march Impious and Ophidian long and painstakingly prepares some acceleration of pace, while preserving the medium-tempo essence of the gloomy saga.
Developing the main motive of the narrative, Your Daughters of Illness begins with a thoughtful confession, then pumps the pace acceleration again and again, however, it maintains a medium-tempo structure, sometimes exploding with rapid passages of instrumental bridges. Exploding in a stream of dark power, Cambions Uncoil blows all obstacles out of the way and rushes through a rampant stream of anger and rage in the greatness of the dark thriller.
Enveloping in a haze of obscure dusk, Draped in Dimensions as Skin combines gloomy thoughts in the narration of a dark fairy tale with waves of a pulsating drive, spinning the pendulum of gloomy mystery. In the instrumental part preceding the chorus, the guitar solo sparkles with sparks of dark temptations, developing the musical essence in the refrain and the final fragment of the composition. To Fallen Wings Condemned completes the dark saga of the album with a multifaceted disclosure of the forms of the dark essence, combining the majestic significance of the dark anthem with the explosions of the angry drava of the evil thriller.