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Divine aspirations inexplicable

January 22, 2020
Brand Of Sacrifice - Godhand

The Begin intro is pulsating with a bewitching alternation of extreme vocal stylistics, leaving the primacy of the gutural growling and enveloping them with the background of a mysterious symphonic mystery. Then the Divinity continues the Brand Of Sacrifice - Godhand album, preserving the given unity of epic mystery and echoes of mystical fairy tales, combining in an progressive and artistic manner with the incredible depth and heaviness of metal musical passages, twisting an incredible deadly spindle with guitar solos around vocal phrases.
Severe musical passages, which emphasize vocal reflections in a very varied and artistic way, have been humiliated by echoes of the symphony of keyboard additions, preserving the medium tempo significance and severe rhythmicity of the Fortress narrative. The Charlotte gloomy anthem, while maintaining the mid-tempo pulsation, complements the vocal part with waves of recitative, giving way to the majestic significance of growling with the solemn banners of majestic melody. The Branded mysterious musical narrative riddled with whirlwinds of mystical revelations creates a bewitching mystery of the development of the musical narrative of the album.
Slowly introducing the intriguing echoes of other musical styles, Hill of Swords track is complementing its music with the chorales, the sound of his symphony introduces the next composition Claw Marks, sparkling with saber dancing in echoes of the spicy motifs of oriental folklore, then weaving scrimming and growling in a round dance of a march combining a rhythmic medium-tempered idea.
The mysterious thoughtfulness of romantic thoughts of instrumental sacrament with background wordless tunes After Image serves as an introduction to the final part of the album, beginning with the rampant drive of the Beast of Darkness composition, fully embodying all expectations of the music of this style, complemented by shades of epic tales, ending with the Godhand title track, emphasizing brightly and meaningfully embodied in album unexpected unity of such diverse musical styles and ideas.