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Hate - argh ... Hate!

January 17, 2022
Cannibal Corpse -  Violence Unimagined

The sound of the Murderous Rampage track starts the musical tale of the Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined album with the expected explosion of rage and power, which all fans of this band expect from all its musical releases, continuing the wave of furious rage in the sound of the Necrogenic Resurrection song, just as powerful, insistent and angry sounding.
The sound of the Inhumane Harvest composition somewhat transforms the musical style, preparing the listener for, perhaps, the most interesting part of the album, combining more innovative elements of sound and artistic transformations in the compositional sphere of the Condemnation Contagion, Surround, Kill, Devour and Ritual Annihilation tracks.
The sound of the Follow the Blood song again transforms the musical sound, flowing smoothly and mesmerizingly into the musical sound and vocals frenzy of the Bound and Burned composition.
Again, the sound of the musical history of the album changes and transformations are outlined - in the sound of the Slowly Sawn and Overtorture songs there are stylistic shades and deviations towards some easing of sound, sometimes increasing the speed or giving the anticipation of the final composition of this release, Cerements of the Flayed, powerfully and violently putting the final point in its musical narrative.