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This temple will be seen only by a chosen ones

March 13, 2023
Monasterium (POL) - Church Of Bones

The title track begins the musical procession of the Monasterium (POL) - Church Of Bones album with the gloomy gloominess of forgotten gloomy tales, preparing the vocal intro with shades of forgotten twilight and echoes of dark spells in decayed lost scrolls lost in ancient times, continuing with the stubborn tread of the La Danse Macabre gloomy march, rolling in waves of twisting musical passages with the introduction of vocals.
The long preparation of the vocal introduction creates the basis for the vocal ascension of the Liber Loagaeth twilight tale, captivating vocals sensuality, charisma and emotional shades, anticipating the musical obscuration of the viscous procession of the musical shackles of the Ferrier Of The Underworld gloomy tale, shackling vocal reflections with viscous chains and shackles.
Bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Embrace The Void composition complements the vocal phrases with stubborn and persistent musical passages, emphasizing the rhyth of the steps of The Order Of The Dragon song, complementing the musical outlines with the influence of shades of oriental motifs and the mysterious thoughtfulness of vocals conjectures and forebodings.
The heavy and viscous pressure of the musical passages of the Sleeping With The Dead march elevates the vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves, foreshadowing and preparing for the perception of the end of the album with The Last Templar twilight musical tale.