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Everything is distorted and refracted in this reality

March 12, 2023
Red Bazar, 2022 -  Inverted Reality

A bright whirlwind of guitar solo starts the ornate complex pace of the Red Bazar - Inverted Reality album, continuing its progressive musical variations with the addition of vocal reflections, sometimes again returning the guitar solos and musical variations of the One Out of Three song to their original positions.
The mysterious charm of the introduction weaves the enchanting mystery of musical lace with distant thunder and storm, then bringing the vocals story to the forefront of the romantic atmosphere of the Spirit of Man musical image, then developing the musical outlines into a whirlwind of doubts and lost hopes, enveloping the vocal duet with bewitching twilight veils, sometimes raising the banners of dark drive and returning to the announcements of the radio announcer in the gloomy prophecies of the State of Disgrace composition.
The melodic charm of artistic musical reflections envelops the charm of the romantic atmosphere of the Take Control thoughtful ballad, slowly marching with vocals doubts and reflections through the twilight musical atmosphere, raising banners of inspiration and newfound hope in the chorus.
Artistic musical variations intrigue with the development of further progressive shades and musical variations of the Smokescreen composition, anticipating the entry of vocals reflections with a stubborn and harsh march, accentuating the bass guitar solo in the sound of the Stop the World final album's song, giving it the role of the main motive, crowned with vocals phrases and musical variations.