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This potions acts as spells

May 08, 2021
 Akhenaten -  The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth

Cryptic Neferkapta's Tomb intro of the Akhenaten - The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth concept album mysterious atmosphere envelops ordinances and obscure omen, then adding the echoes Maya and Aztec rituals union melodic sound and drive in the Halls Of Amenti composition... Of Emerald And Alchemy begins the mystical chime of the ancient fairy tales and the appeals of shamans and priests.
Oriental folklore wures the listener with sparkling sprinkles of spicy memories of A Hybrid Of The Gods ancient fairy tales, combined with a solemn procession of vocals priest. The Atlantean waves of epic musical saga rolling in progressive performance of musicians, weaving musical and vocal variations in the lace fascinating fairy tale.
The Cult Of Kukulkan instrumental track appeals to the ancient shaman rituals rebel to The Black Land subsequent composition, developing laid motifs together with vocal phrases. Starting with the chime of an acoustic guitars, the Tabula Smaragdina track again draws the eyes of the listener to the folk motifs of Aztecs and Maya.
The covers of the Priests Of The Jackal gloomy fairy tale hide the vocal appeals to the epic coating of the majestic saga, anticipating the development of the musical sacrament of the Fall Of The Living Gods final album composition.