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Just perfect mind can research dream weapon

May 08, 2021
Genghis Tron -  Dream Weapon

The thoughtfulness of the Exit Perfect Mind majestic extraception of artistic keyboard notes of inspiration is entitled to the further development of musical ideas of the Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon album. Electronic impulses and futuristic atmosphere complement the futuristic unity of vocals pondays with the musical mysteriousness of the Pyrocene composition.
The title track Dream Weapon begins with an impatiently union of vocal expectations and a dense drum, as if anticipating the further development of musical ideas. The Desert Stairs completes the impatient of the title composition of the album by intriguing expectation of the further path, which is searching for the chousen minds.
Luxurious Alone In The Heart Of The Light song's vocals reflections are combined with a pulsating musical expectation that anticipate the coming changes. The Ritual Circle intro's keyboards artistry soaring vocal reflections with lace mysteriousness of prayers of tibetan monks.
Complex progressive ragged the Single Black Point track intro's rhythmic pulsation is combined with the oriental sacrament of keyboards. The Great Mother final album's composition complements the peaceful mysteriousness of vocal meditation.