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This nest was left without inhabitants

August 27, 2020
Syphilic - Empty Nest

After the gloomy mysteriousness of the intro, the Flooded With Love explodes into a frenzy of impetuous drive with harsh vocal growling, entwined with a whirlwind of hard guitar sound. The All These Easter Eggs continues the Syphilic - Empty Nest album with pulsating fury, progressively broken by rhythmic. The fury of the Merry Christmas vocals pigsquil is intertwined with the playfulness of deadly musical passages.
A mystical twilight envelops the grinding of vocal distortions, then artistically and progressively wraps the Into The Woods vocal phrases with covers of echoes of forgotten fairy tales. A frantic drum roll ends with a viscous procession of the Love Everywhere twilight anthem, sometimes whirling into a whirlwind of frantic drive. Whipping up the waves of a harsh mid-tempo drive, the Infant Miracle rolls over like a battle march.
Weaving a lace of epic motifs from music, the Correcting My Wrongdoings combines them with vocal fury, sometimes artistically and unexpectedly transforming the musical composition.
Rolling with progressive mid-tempo kinks, the In Love With God begins a seemingly unhurried musical narration, but then from time to time breaks out in the blade of a rapid rush. The Drinking Beer & Watching Tv vocals doubts, shrouded in the gloom of impenetrable fog, create a mysterious atmosphere. The title track Empty Nest closes the album with a stream of musical fury, sweeping away any obstacles in its path after a pensive instrumental bridge, complementing the musical drive with frantic vocal fury, but then transforming into hazy thoughts.