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The art of beauty is subject to the queen

August 27, 2020
Satans Of Swing - Queen Of Venus

Inspirational, whipping up the desire for adventure and enchanting with the sound of the musical essence that lifts the waves, the Are You Dizzy? vocal narration captivates the listeners, completing the composition of the trumpet solo. The title track continues the Satans Of Swing - Queen Of Venus album with a ballad that blends lounge notes with enchanting musical charm.
Accelerating the tempo, the Good Nurse combines rebellious vocal tunes with musical dance, sometimes bringing dreamy phrases and serenity to the union of musical and vocal swagger. Combining musical sound with vocal phrases in a single musical stream At The Beginning carries the listener into a rhythmic dance, sometimes progressively breaking the rhythmic structure.
Whipping a blues vibe the Imperial combines homage to the masters of that style of music. Soaring in the impetuous race of musical drive, the Achilles Kills saddles the horse of the main motive with a rider of vocal phrases. Thunderstorms and the sound of rain precede the Long Forgotten Road romantic ballad that combines pensive vocal reflections with acoustic chimes of guitar strings, as if the bard recalls his travels, sheltering from the weather.
The The Devil Is Real (Bonus Track) and Santa Says No (Bonus Track) bonus tracks ends this release, setting aside decades of breaking with this kind of music and plunging into an atmosphere of memories.