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It is not easy to guess what you can become

August 28, 2020
Ball - Like You Are… I Once Was… Like I Am – You Will Never Be

A kind of playfulness and echoes of precious musical styles are woven into the sound of Satan's Wish composition, starting the musical narration of the B.A.L.L. - Like You Are… I Once Was… Like I Am – You Will Never Be album. Slightly lightening the sound, the Black Magic continues to combine the playful severity of vocal narration in an enchanting dance with musical turns of a guitar solo, additionally enveloping this unity with musical elements.
Bringing to the forefront of the musical image, the Fyre Eyes vocals part wraps these phrases with turns of a guitar solo, bringing a very impressive originality of such a unity. The pulsating Sacred Snow musical march crowns the waves of musical sound with crests of vocal phrases, incredibly charming with the artistic sound of the guitar passages of the instrumental part.
Twisting the skeins of the musical canvas of the main motive, the Have You Ever Been Dead crowns them with vocal phrases, sometimes ascending into the charm of epic grandeur, enchanting with the revelations of musical triumph. Densely and severely the Debauched pushes vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical narrative, crowning them with the turns of the stern anthem dance, giving special significance to the vocal phrases.
Chasing in a frantic race of unrestrained drive, the Death Deals a Hand creates a kind of musical thriller, weaving together vocal phrases and musical passages in a deadly dance. Then the Tonight's the Night concludes the album, captivating with incredible artistry of the epic lace of musical variations of the instrumental part.