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This music discards sadness and frustration

November 09, 2018
Euge Valovirta - Easy Does It

A bright guitar solo sparkles with inspiration and joyful reflections, starting Euge Valovirta - Easy Does It album with instrumental composition Don't Take It Too Hard, which after a joyful guitar passage soars brightly in joyful reflections. But the guitar solo is back, leading to viscous and gloomy motifs that recede before dazzling guitar breaks.
But alarmed passages returns to the Triggered Boulevard song, calling for emotional vocal phrases to complement their anxieties and fears. The music pulsates in anticipation of future battles - in which “Do or Die” dominates the content of the chorus. The introduction of the acoustic passage heralds the echoes of country style in the Swamp Stomp song, but the music vocals while maintaining this style stiffens and weights supplementing his narrative with power and rage, preserving the spirit and hues inherent in country music. In the middle of the composition, the vocals repel anger and rabies and blow the composition with the romantic reflections of a dreamy clean vocal. But the whirlwind of guitar passages returns the sound of the composition to the style of its beginning.
But the instrumental suite Helsinki Fried Chicken returns the spirit of the romance of the wild west, brushing off the dark and harsh additions. A thrilling drive takes thoughts into the vastness of dangerous adventures, giving for the Feed The Fire song so rebellious mood. In the composition are woven together the motifs of traditional rock and modern trends and stylistic hues. Bringing rock traditions to the forefront of the Liquid Lunch song's sound, vocals bring his narration to the top of the musical image, full of emotions and experiences. Starting with a brooding, unhurried acoustic guitar solo, Headless Chicken begins with soft blues, then developing an instrumental image of rock evolution from pensive blues, turning into a bright rock'n'roll rebellion.
Dense riffs of the majestic march sets Southern Man dense sounding of traditional rock, combining the emotional experience of the vocal composition dominating in the composition with confident and reliable instrumental accompaniment.
Fascinating guitar solo brings a hint of progressive sound to instrumental John 5 composition, transforming into a whirlwind of doubt, which once again sweeps away an impressive and memorable guitar solo, but they only retreat to come back again. But romantic reverie guitar passages transforms battle stylistics in a soft ballad, but the battle is going again and ends with the majestic victory guitar frills. Unrestrained power and furious drive, combining together the sound of Du Ar Cancer completes the album in a different style - bringing a combination of thrash metal, groove and metalcore music and vocals.