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Unknown and unexpected ideas awaken in the subconscious

November 10, 2018
Voivod - The Wake (Deluxe Edition)

The music creates a twilight atmosphere, but the vocals begins the Obsolete Beings with thoughtful experiences, then combining with the accelerated drive of the musical flow, but from time to time returning to thoughts and doubts. But this alternation ends with the melodious haze of a brooding ballad, in which the vocals indulge in sophisticated reflections, culminating in muted mysterious sounds.
Leisurely majestic motifs of the The End of Dormancy intro continues the Voivod - The Wake (Deluxe Edition) (CD 1) album in a solemn hymn, shrouding muffled vocal phrases with turns of solemn passages. The vocals continue to reflect on the surrounding reality, instrumental accompaniment follows vocal ideas, ovevaya their significant thoughtfulness. But the alarming appeals of a pulsating belligerent march, complemented by the commander's admonitions, raise fears of the coming battles and wars, revolting in guitar frenzy calling for demonic changes in vocals and whirlwind of violent progressive guitar passages. But these furious passages complete the vocal with the recollection of the fact that he woke up on the bed, which was previously defies memory and comprehension.
The Orb Confusion main motive wraps around the vocal experiences with the mystery of mysterious whirlwinds, again and again transforming into incredibly progressive changes, fascinating variety of shades and additional properties - surprising how many musical ideas can embody one composition. The song ends with the sacrament of muffled twilight. The throbbing thirst for change begins the Iconspiracy with a combination of the thirst for activity and a playful drive, then the vocal hardens its part and the music thickens the sound, giving the composition its usual treschuyu stylistics. But the vocals again thoughtfully and wisely argue in a mysterious manner, the music complements the sound with progressive shades, but the harsh and hard drive returns again and again. Then the composition is complemented by a wave of classical romanticism and reflections of vocals. Burdened with an unbearable burden of overwhelming wisdom.
Mysterious mystery sets the majestic musical background of the Spherical Perspective intro, starting to spin the flywheel of an unknown and unclear history in mysterious reflections 5, enveloped in the pulsating mystery of the main motive. But the desire to realize the surrounding ambiguity rushes to the desire to understand the surrounding reality, but the Event Horizon vocals throws out a mysterious canvas of wise reflections, as if indicating the impossibility of rejecting the mystery and ambiguity of the surrounding riddles. But the thirst for knowledge and detachment rolls in a wave of playful drive, but the vocals do not dare to leave the boundaries of mysteries. But the music and the changed vocal phrases explode in a wave of drive justifying the Always Moving title - but the dispute of viscous thoughtfulness and swift drive continues.
Significantly and majestically, Sonic Mycelium completes the album, rallying the waves of impetuous drive in one composition, thoughtful reflections and wove a fascinating progressive musical lace out of them.

Unique legends of progressive music continue live concerts and bright unforgettable performances - Voivod - The Wake (Deluxe Edition) (CD 2) represents this year's Inner Combustion (Live 2018), Order of the Blackguards (Live 2018), Psychic Vacuum (Live 2018), Lost Machine (Live 2018), Fall (Live 2018), Voivod (Live 2018) live acts.