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This mind is not studied because it is unpredictable

May 04, 2021
Tetrarch, 2021 -  Unstable

The I'm Not Right song builds a compositional structure based on a dispute between vocal parts, combining fierce harsh with reflections of clean vocals. The music is hardened into the Negative Noise fast-paced thriller, complemented by background echoes of electronic pulse. Hard harsh dominates the verse, retreating to the tunes of clean vocals in the bridges and chorus. In the Tetrarch - Unstable album's title composition, clear vocals, somewhat bitter, come to the fore of the musical image, alternating with demonic harsh vocals.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image, capturing the musical passages to follow the path of the You Never Listen twilight ballad indicated by vocal reflections. Again hardening the musical passages, the Sick of You track gives them some industrial metal influence, while maintaining a ballad pace. The Take a Look Inside song thickens the rhythmic structure, creating a musical foundation with the harsh echoes of the battle march into the introduction and hardening the vocal part. But the clean vocals is urising in melodic romanticism of the chorus.
The Stitch Me Up vocals are intertwined in a captivating dance with mid-tempo musical passages with notes of futuristic keyboard notes. Music and vocals continue a similar style in the romantic sound of the Addicted ballad. Whipping up waves of intriguing musical passages, the vocals prepare in the verse and raise the banners of rebellious impatience in the Pushed Down chorus. The Trust Me closes the album with melodic variations of a romantic ballad.