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No obstacles to restrain the thunder

May 04, 2021
Thunder Rising, 2021 -  Thunder Rising III (EP)

Tightly, confidently and firmly enveloping the musical sections of the Don't Be Shy song's march is startings the musical narration of the Thunder Rising - Thunder Rising III (EP) release, complementing the musical variations with the shades of vocals doubts and transformations.
The vocals immediately supports the Escape from you (Radio Version) musical inspiration of guitar riffs, then crowned with the vocals phrases of the sparse calls of artistic keyboard suites.
The synthesis and drive of bakers, rolling the waves of anxiety and frenzy, is completed by the ascension of the tested banners of the chorus, crowded by the Fate Train composition's sense of a meaningful meaning.
The persistent and stubborn drive rolls the musical canvas of the Rock From the Sky main motive, then the inspired vocals entrances with bright artistry of keyboards tunes. The bright guitar solo of the instrumental part involves the impression from listening to the composition to incredible heights. The Scratches On the Hood song end this musical release with a sympathy and dense unity of music and vocals. Again guitar artistry layer weaves lace, sparkling musical inspiration and topped with the grandeur of keyboards.