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This lighthouse is piercing twilight and fog

September 26, 2020
Ihsahn - Pharos (EP)

The Losing Altitude is a gentle, minor-key reflection, as is the Ihsahn - Pharos (EP) album's title-track, until it rises majestically on a stately guitar that’s powerful, but not overpowering. The Spectre At The Feast song, meanwhile, is heavier, but in a mysterious, progressive manner, made of swelling sound rather than aggressive thrust. It’s a good moment, but here it is in band’s masterful lightness of touch that the true magic lies.
The two covers continue and complete this release, you’ll have already heard the excellent original songs. If the art of the great cover is to make something yours without actually doing much to it, then here is a gold-plated example that captures the haunting, beautiful mood and essence of the wonderful original from Portishead’s peerless Dummy album - bands’s version of the trip-hip legends Roads (Portishead cover)  that’s the real stroke of genius, while also sounding exactly like Manhattan Skyline (feat. Einar Solberg) (A-Ha cover) by ‘80s Norwegian synth-pop outfit complets this album.