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Shape shifting transforms perception

September 26, 2020
Cranial Contamination - Into The Warp

Winding an ornate round dance of guitar passages around vocal phrases, The Scriptures Of Heresy begins the Cranial Contamination - Into The Warp album, sometimes exploding in whirlwinds of frantic drive. Accelerating the pace of a musical race to a fast-paced thriller, the Shrieks From The Webway vocals combine screaming and growling and give some meaning to their phrases. But then the vocals walk in a mid-tempo march, extolling their influence on the sound. ...As The Sentinels Descend pulses rhythmically with the importance of a solemn anthem as it marches in a mid-tempo procession.
Accelerating the tempo in a fast-paced but restrained drive, the Holy Terra song brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image. Starting with a majestic march with an important guitar solo, the Into The Warp title track then explodes into a race of cumulative drive, but again returns to the mid-tempo march, alternating between these combinations. The Overlord song immediately accentuates the title, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical sound of the high-speed combat march.
Spiraling a whirlwind of guitar solo around vocal part, the Tomb Worlds track gives the music a touch of epic tale. Walking in the solemnity of a harsh march, the Hive Mind sometimes explodes with impetuous races of furious drive. The Elimination | Eradication track ends the album with a mid-tempo procession of impressive musical importance.