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Study of the past reveals more opportunities in the future

September 25, 2020
Macabre Omen - Anamneses

The acoustic chiming of a guitar solo begins the Macabre Omen - Anamneses release with the soft echoes of ancient bard songs, then transforming the sound of its title composition Anamneses From The Past (Sirens Calling) into an epic ballad with echoes of Celtic folklore, alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part, sometimes complementing the main vocals with background chorales of brothers-in-arms. Then an acoustic guitar solo appears in the song again, continuing with a sonorous ballad, anticipating an acceleration of tempo in a whirlwind of drive, but again returning to a mid-tempo musical procession. Then clean vocals with a chime of a minstrel ballad complete the composition.
The epic sound of the Olympus, Mountain Of The Ancient Gods track pays homage to the gods, combining the symphonic grandeur of a musical saga with a brief whirlwind of emotion in vocal phrases. The charm of an acoustic guitar solo sets the direction for the development of musical motifs, crowning the Cursed Aria musical image with covers of a keyboard symphony, which then covers a mid-tempo march with a stern growling of vocal phrases.
The piano solo in the The Waltz Of The Nereids, Of The Dryads, Of The Nymphs intro, combined with further musical passages, weaves into the sound of an epic saga, complementing this grandeur with vocal phrases. In the instrumental part, a keyboard solo with a background atmosphere of mystical echoes enchants with symphonic grandeur. The keyboard passages with mystical inspiration begins The Past, Is The Future, Of The Present musical tale with eager anticipation, then whirlwind of drive with symphonic influences around the vocal phrases. The soothing serenity of an acoustic guitar solo completes the composition.
Changing the English to the band's native lyrics Voor Donker Zullen We Heersen fiercely hardens the musical narration to the rampant anger of a frantic musical thriller. But then the melodies of clean vocals, along with the mid-tempo pulsations of musical passages, give the song a folkloric shades. Continuing the musical drive and rage, the We Won With War concludes the album with a heroic saga, combining battle memories with echoes of epic tales.