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October 13, 2020
Amaranthe - Manifest

Carrying away with the hit main motive into the vastness of the musical essence, the Fearless composition bewitches with a combination of vocal changes. Starting with a harsh combination of an epic anthem and a battle march intertwined with ribbons of romantic vocal lyrics, the Make It Better track continues the Amaranthe - Manifest album with a mid-tempo procession, alternating the lyricism of female vocals with male harsh complementing the vocal part and dreamy tunes of clean vocals. The Scream My Name elevates the electronic impulses of modern music to the pinnacle of the musical image, complemented by vocal phrases and romantic notes.
Remembering disco 80s, the Viral song brings its echoes, entwining whirlwinds of newfangled musical passages. After some deliberation in the introduction, the Adrenaline combines a similar style of instrumental bridges with romantic invocations of vocal phrases. The participation of a guest vocalist complemented the sound of the Strong (feat. Noora Louhimo) romantic ballad with a freedom-loving rebellious note. The Game continues the rebellious mood with masculine vocals, combining rhythmic transformations into a progressive fracture of rhythms entwined with a symphonic atmosphere.
Throwing away the influence of modern and popular music, the Crystalline combines male and female vocals in a romantic symphony dance. Beginning with a rhythmic pulsation that brings the feeling of NDH musical style, the Archangel then returns to disco music motives by vocals. Bringing at first the mid-tempo drive of the groove music into the intro, the Boom! transforms with clean vocals, then introducing a vortex of bitter recitative with vocal phrases. The Die and Wake Up develops the influence of metalcore and rapper musical solutions, entwined with a spicy atmosphere of oriental motives. Finishing the album with the hit influence of popular music, the Do or Die song again and again accentuates the title in the chorus with interrogative intonations of clean vocals.