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This chronicle is so sad and exalted

September 10, 2018
Frozen Crown - The Fallen King (Japanese Edition)

The impromptu motifs of the Fail No More introduction are carried away like a sparkling phoenix through obstacles, vocal leaves dreamy and inspired male vocals in the foreground of the musical image, female vocals complement the parts from the background, clearly forming a duet in the chorus of the first composition of the Frozen Crown - The Fallen King (Japanese Edition) album.
From the To Infinity first notes, female vocal captures the leading role in the musical narration, indicating the direction of the development of a bright melody, fascinating with its charming sound and complementing the captivating sound of female vocal. In the chorus, melody sound complements the light wave drive.
Kings as if continuing the previous composition, but the female vocals become tougher and more insistent in their narration, the accompaniment is carried away by the impetuous drive of the royal guard, rangers and others accompanying this rampant procession Beginning with the symphonic mystery of a keyboard suite, I Am The Tyrant continues with a dense and persistent medium-tempo march entwined with glittering kinks of a guitar solo. Then the clean male vocals begin to majestically and proudly narrate the legend, the female vocal wonderfully complements the vocal phrases at the end of the parts and creates a charming duet in the chorus. From time to time, growling inserts immensely expand the stylistic framework of the album, because growling breaks the shackles and as if transfers the sound to the limits of a different style. Continuing to juggle with styles and genres, The Shieldmaiden weaves together fascinating phrases of female vocals, shrouded in demonic passages scream-growling vocals. But the music remains true to the energy of the metal, weaving a rapid drive and a bright melody.
The keyboard part conducts the main motive of the Chasing Lights composition, then weaving a lace of an enchanting symphony in the intro, vocals complement this fascinating sacrament with tender and thoughtful phrases that give rise to dreamy reflections of romantic reverie. Female vocals parade along the leading edge of the musical image, male vocals complement the background of the vocal part of a wonderful romance.
Preserving romantic dreaminess Queen Of Blades is carried away in the drive passages shrouded in charming symphonic hues. In the vocal part, the melody sounds harsher and tougher - the enchanting phrases of the lady bard complement the furious moments of frantic growling.
The main motif weaves instrumental parts and vocal phrases in an unsurpassed exciting song Across The Sea, perceived easily and naturally. As if on the wings of invisible birds, Everwinter weaves a swift rhythm with enchanting symphonic hues of keyboard artistic passages, intertwining the fabulous motifs of guitar solos that dominate instrumental bridges.
Developing the melodies laid down in the previous composition completes Netherstorm the album more meaningfully and densely, severely complementing the enchanting melody of the fast-moving driving kinks with a duet of clean female and male vocals with fierce parts with demonic scream growling.
But - I hurried to talk about the completion of the album: it is complemented by an acoustic version of the composition, the first to show a fierce drive in the album and the male scream growling vocals were fully revealed. In this interpretation, The Shieldmaiden (Live Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) appears as a captivating epic romance, in which the bards weave their voices in a charming sensual duet, shrouded in a covering of an acoustic symphony.