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June 30, 2019
 Dead Sea Apes - Warheads

Emphasizing the title of the Inside Of Me composition, the music rolls in waves of twilight drive, retaining the framework of the main motive, at the end of the verses raising the whirlwinds of nervousness and feelings with vocal phrases. Unclear trends of premonitions and conjectures continue the conceptual album Dead Sea Apes - Warheads with obscure meditations and conjectures, at the beginning of the Reduced To Zero song leisurely strolling along the path of the main motive, then in a gloomy haze rushing into whirlwinds of emotional vocal phrases intertwined in a bewitching haze of vague premonitions. The psychedelic sacrament completes the composition, reflecting the true essence of this musical artwork.
But the rulers and the rich give way to fear and in the pulsating trivozhnymi trends of musical procession rushes to the Retreat To Your Bunker escape. Horror and fear surrounds the alarming twilight of musical sacrament, pierced by sparks of ghostly doubts and mysterious forebodings.
After anxious forebodings and cautious anxiety, the (You Are) Doing What You Want (All Of The Time) composition explodes in a wave of furious drive, inspired by vocal phrases and carried off on the wings of an unrestrained desire to survive at any cost.
The throbbing procession of the Broken In Two main motive subordinates vocal phrases with its precept, enveloping muffled reflections with pulsating electronic pulses.
Rolling up with a harsh march that confronts the inevitable choice of the sound of Yes/No composition interweaves the musical style of a stonor with certain trends of severe sludge, again and again emphasizing the name of the song in the brooding lyrics. After a harsh midtempo march, Power To The People completes the album with vague thoughts, shrouded in muted echoes of musical passages hiding in mysterious shadows in the background.